Sandy Hook Soap Factory
The Sandy Hook Soap Factory offers an extensive collection of all Natural Soaps, conditioning Shampoo Bars, natural Lip Balms, soothing Bath Salts and organic Milk Baths.

We specialize in products for those forced to deal with sensitivities.  Handmade in small batches, excellent ingredients, reasonable prices, bulk discounts.
Handmade natural soap bars with wholesome natural ingredients are displayed with a bottle of olive oil, a sprig of rosemary and a white bath towel in this beautiful natural presentation from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory.  These creamy soaps are a natural beige and cream as this reasonably priced handmade Canadian soap contains no dyes or colourings, no preservatives, no petroleum ingredients and no chemical scents, truly natural products scented solely with pure essential oils distilled from plant life.




The Sandy Hook Soap Factory is a small family business located in Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada handcrafting Natural Soap and personal care products from wholesome, ethical ingredients. We have been cold process soap making since 2003 without the use of dyes, preservatives or chemical fragrances carefully selecting the finest ingredients for our handmade natural products.  Over the years we have come to appreciate that great ingredients make great soap! 

Our products feel absolutely wonderful on the skin with special attention given in many varieties for those forced to deal with sensitivities.  We scent solely with pure Essential Oils distilled from plant life.  Our gentle, basic 100% Pure Vegetable Oil soaps come in over 40 varieties, including Conditioning Shampoo Bars, Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap, Baby Soap, Vegan Varieties and Luffa Soaps.  We create rich and creamy long lasting fully biodegradable products with an Earth friendly approach with paper band wraps and compostable cello packaging.

For those looking to take a more basic and natural approach to personal care we also offer an excellent selection of Natural Cocoa Butter and Beeswax Lip Balms, soothing Bath Salts and luxurious Milk Baths.  We also present lovely, inexpensive, and useful gift ideas for almost everyone.


For December and January we are offering an automatic 20% discount for every purchase over $40.00! Your savings will be automatically adjusted on the Shopping Cart with no Discount Code necessary.  This offer applies to both and our websites and for combined purchases from both as well!  Please note: the $40.00 minimum is exclusive of Shipping+taxes

Please see our Shipping Page for further details as to shipping restrictions or possible mailing adjustments due to mailing region.  Bulk discounts, soap favours do not apply to this offer.


The Sandy Hook Soap Factory offers a very reasonable flat rate shipping of $11.95 anywhere in Canada with free product rewards.  In addition we have a free shipping offer when ordering from our Organic Teas Canada dot com website on the same day, please see the details on our Shipping Page.  You will pay only one low flat rate of $11.95 to ship your purchases when you buy from both Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com and Organic Teas Canada dot com on the same day!  Some restrictions do apply, please visit our Shipping and Product Rewards page for further details.

We automatically direct 5 cents of every dollar of sales of anything we ever sell to Plan Canada to aid in the drilling of wells to provide safe drinking water in impoverished communities around the world.  To date we are pleased to have helped with the completion of four boreholes.

Thank you for dropping by to visit, we hope to be of service, of very friendly and personal service.


Natural Ingredient Resource Center Truth in Labeling Pledge

The Sandy Hook Soap Factory has taken a truth in labeling pledge to disclose product ingredients and to keep our products truly natural.  There are absolutely no rules and regulations regarding the use of the term "natural" in the labeling of products in North America.  The Natural Ingredient Resource Centre promotes the truthful labeling of "natural" products by setting guidelines for usage of the term.  

Soap labeled as "natural soap" may not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients including but not limited to artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, man-made vitamins, solvent extracted oils or additional glycerin.



Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com logo with a white background a bright blue bubbles in varying sizes in a sweeping pattern.  Text reads Handmade Truly Natural Soap and personal care products.

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