Sandy Hook Soap Factory

The Sandy Hook Soap Factory uses ethical, wholesome ingredients with all of our products carefully made by hand in small batches.  We ecologically package in compostable cello and paper band wraps.

We have come to realize that great ingredients make truly great soap!  You will find a listing of full ingredients with every product listing.

A beautiful natural display of two truly natural bars of homemade soap, cream and tan in colour with a lotus flower in a wooden bowl and a rolled up vibrant green face cloth.  These soaps are made from ethical, wholesome, natural ingredients, many fair trade with 5% of all sales donated to Plan Canada to drill wells where the most desperately needed.


About Us


The Sandy Hook Soap Factory is a small family business located in Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada producing homemade natural soap by hand in small batches with a strong emphasis on wholesome ingredients of ethical sources and being truly natural.  Our ingredients and our finished products have never been tested on animals.  We operate a small gift shop on our acreage which we have built on the front porch of our home.  Besides creating natural soap from scratch we also make natural lip balms, soothing bath salts and creamy milk baths.  A few years back we further developed our business by adding the importing and ecologically sound packaging of excellent quality organic teas, dried herbs and spices from an exceptional Supplier.  Come Summer we operate a vegetable stand on our property and grow heirloom vegetables with no sprays of any kind and make several varieties of homegrown pickles, jams and jellies.

The production of our made in Manitoba handmade natural soap and personal care products began in about 1999 when our family was forced to deal with health problems which we discovered through trial and error were directly effected by dietary and environmental influences.  In our own health quest we have come to be very particular about the quality and integrity of the ingredients we use each and every day in our food, cleansing and care products.  This healthful evolution has very much effected the soap which we have come to produce.  We strive to eat as clean and free of pesticides, antibiotics and added hormones as possible as well as  coming to eliminate all food colourings, artificial flavourings, questionable preservatives and anything with "modified" or "hydrogenated" in ingredient lists.  We have ousted all chemical fragrances and formaldehyde from the house in the way of cleansers, scented candles, commercial laundry soap and fabric softener.  Health strides have been remarkable with almost all of the growing list of intense and frequent problematic symptoms being completely eliminated. 

If you suspect that you or a family member is encountering sensitivities to scents or chemicals you may be dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and may wish to continue to read more on our website here.  MCS is a little understood affliction which can progress to become a debilitating condition which effects every aspect of a person's life.


About our Little Soap "Factory"


A comforting and old fashioned gift shop is displayed with an antique cabinet and numerous varieties of handmade pure natural soap.  The Sandy Hook Soap Factory offers products made by hand in their outlet located in Manitoba, Canada.

Making our own soap and personal care products became an extension of our quest for more basic ingredients in our lives.  Around here necessity is truly the mother of invention!  Our creativity progressed to a small business about 2003. 

Over the years we have come up with all kinds of wonderful recipes for different skin concerns.  As we choose to live a basic, more natural lifestyle we are constantly searching for a healthy alternative with less impact on our bodies and the environment.  This philosophy has definitely influenced the type of Natural Soap that we have chosen to make and share.

So no we are not truly a "soap factory" just a name for a few busy rather creative people.

Our gift shop is open year round and we welcome appointments at 204-389-2303.



About our


An inviting and calming natural setting in browns and oranges of a cup of organic tea with tea infuser, herbs and a gold teaspoon in a antique floral tea cup.  Sandy Hook Soap Factory sells organic teas, organic herbs and organic spices of exceptional quality free of sulfites, gluten, GMO, irradiation and sanitary gasses.


A striking vibrant display of fresh and fragrant ground organic spices in glass bowls, with whole cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods from Organic Teas Canada dot com.  The Sandy Hook Soap Factory is pleased to offer some of the best organic teas, organic herbs and organic spices available anywhere through their Organic Teas Canada dot com website.


An earthy and comforting display of organic spices in a pretty stainless steel basket infuser with a celestial pattern on the edge.  Whole organic cinnamon sticks and whole organic herbs and organic spices are also displayed on the distressed wooden table.  The Sandy Hook Soap Factory's Organic Teas Canada dot com website welcomes you to visit their reasonably priced, ethically packaged top quality organic teas, herbs and spice selection.


When we started making our Natural Soap we searched for quality botanical material and reputable Essential Oil suppliers to make a truly natural product.  We were ecstatic to find a wonderful certified organic, ethically responsible and zero waste company in Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon.  We have been dealing with them ever since and have always been impressed with the exceptional quality of every product we have ever ordered.  We have never found another supplier with better quality or fresher organic botanical material than Mountain Rose Herbs.  Eliminate the middle man and save big on organic with us! 

We fully understand the challenge of budgeting for a more organic life and trying to be environmentally responsible as well as sensitive to the plight of workers which share our planet.  We have been following similar philosophies for several years.  We strive to keep prices low and sometimes, especially in the case of spices and herbs, our prices are less than what you would pay at many grocery stores for non-organic counterparts.  Focusing on minimal packaging in the sustainable cello provides a compostable solution with no need to purchase, dispose of, or to recycle a costly container.

Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within the borders of Manitoba. We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.



About our Plan Canada Partnership


We began our support of Plan Canada with their child sponsorship program in 1981 and have been avid supporters ever since.  A wonderful charitable organization operating within an intricate established network throughout the world providing education, tools and disaster relief where it is needed most.

With the inception of the Soap Factory we further became involved with an ongoing commitment to Plan's Borehole Project.  What a better fit than soap & water?  Five cents of every dollar of gross sales of our products are being directed to Plan Canada to help provide potable water to children and families in need in impoverished communities.  We also have dedicated a soap in honour of Plan, aptly named "Gift of Hope Soap".  $1.50 from the sale of each of those bars is directly allocated to clean, potable water and sanitation projects.

Our adds to this same commitment as tea & water make a pretty good fit as well!  We base our contribution to Plan on 5% of all of our sales, bulk and discounts product included. 

We are very pleased that to date we have helped Plan in the drilling of 8 boreholes.


Plan to change the world!

Four happy, healthy children collect water in their cupped hands at a borehole platform in South America.  Sandy Hook Soap Factory directs 5 cents of every dollar of sales to Plan Canada to help provide clean potable water in critically needed areas worldwide.

An old drilling machine for creating wells is pictured in this outdoor photo in an economically poor country.  Sandy Hook Soap Factory is very pleased to direct funds to help Plan Canada with clean water projects with each and every sale we make.

Plan Blue and white logo with a child playing happily in the sun.








Plan Canada is committed to ensuring that the world's children grow up with what our children in Canada take for granted - fresh, safe drinking water and proper sanitation.  Plan Canada is part of the international organization Plan, a humanitarian child-centred development organization working with families and their communities to meet the needs of children around the world.  Non-political and with no religious affiliations, we aim to build a better world for children now and in the future.

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