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Our all Natural Lip Balms are made with wholesome and nourishing ingredients with no petroleum ingredients, paraben, phthalates or chemical flavourings.


Truly natural handmade products created with care in small batches and packaged in BPA free tubes.

Three all natural lip balm tubes are displayed with pink, green and beige labels made with no petroleum ingredients.  The rich and creamy look of the organic raw cocoa butter lip balm and beeswax lip balms is visible in the tube which will help you break the petroleum stick habit.


Natural Lip Balms                                               


Our natural Cocoa Butter and Beeswax Lip Balms are a wonderful alternative to petroleum based balms and sticks.  Very cost effective, a little goes a long way as you will need to apply less product, less frequently than with commercial counterparts.  We use rich and fragrant fair traded cocoa butter with naturally processed raw beeswax and supplement with cold pressed enriching oils to moisturize and protect dry lips, packaged in BPA-free tubes 4g. 

Great way to break the parrafin-petroleum wax chapped lip stick habit!

Ingredients:  certified organic and fair trade Cocoa Butter, naturally filtered with no bleaches or whiteners cosmetic grade Raw Beeswax, certified organic Virgin Coconut Oil, certified organic golden Jojoba Oil, cold pressed Avocado Oil, certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mango Seed Butter and Vitamin E of mixed tocopherols from GMO-free vegetable fat sources, unrefined.  We add a hint of essential oils dependent upon the variety as follows.


Cocoa Butter 

Natural Lip Balm

Our most basic lip balm variety.  Ingredient list above, rich and creamy and chocolatey smell.



Lime and Cocoa Butter

Natural Lip Balm

Same great ingredients as listed above but we have added a hint of whole fruit steam distilled Lime Essential Oil.



Peppermint and Cocoa Butter Natural Lip Balm

Same great ingredients as listed above but we have added a hint of certified organic Peppermint Essential Oil.



Natural Lip Balm

Variety 3 Pack

One tube of each: Cocoa Butter only, Lime & Cocoa Butter and Peppermint & Cocoa Butter.






Should you be ordering only our Natural Lip Balms and no other products you may do so at a reduced mailing rate as we will send regular envelope mail; no tracking.  

Please email us your order or call us at 204-389-2303 (no texts) and we will calculate and advise cost and payment may be made by e-transfer, Paypal invoice or credit card over the phone.



Three packages of all natural lip balms from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com are pictured on a green checkered tablecloth in cello bags with gold twist ties.  Lip balms with Essential Oils of peppermint, lime and natural cocoa butter and beeswax and contain no petroleum derivatives or chemical flavourings.



The logo of the natural ingredient resource center is displayed with a pledge for Truth in Labeling and full disclosure of ingredients.  Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com is committed to the use of natural ingredients and has taken the pledge.


The Natural Ingredient Resource Centre (NIRC) promotes the truthful representation of natural products in the marketplace. Those taking the pledge & displaying the logo commit to the stringent guidelines established by the NIRC.
Regarding Natural Soap:  Soap labeled as "natural soap" may not contain the addition of any synthetic or artificial ingredients including but not limited to artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, man-made vitamins, solvent extracted oils or additional glycerin.



Hand made in Canada, Fabrique Au Canada logo in black and white with a maple leaf. Hand made with care in Canada artwork in brown with stars, all natural soap, all natural lip balms created from wholesome ingredients in small batches to assure quality products. Natural Product artwork in green and white with leaf presented by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory producing truly all natural soaps and all natural beeswax lip balms.

The Sandy Hook Soap Factory truly natural products with no animal testing logo with bunny in black and white.




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