Sandy Hook Soap Factory

The Sandy Hook Soap Factory creates over 40 varieties of handmade truly natural soap in Sandy Hook, Manitoba. The "factory" actually refers to a very busy family creating handmade natural soap with excellent wholesome ingredients by hand in small batches with no dyes, no preservatives and no chemical scents.  Truly natural soap without all of  those chemical  ingredients that you can't pronounce!


Two large slabs of pure natural soap are displayed on top of each other, one beige with oatmeal texture and one a natural smooth creamy white with a regular size bar of natural soap in compostable cello packaging with a gold twist tie.  The lovely natural soap colours are a commitment by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory to truly natural soap with no parabens, no SLS, no EDTA, no phthalates, no propylene glycol, no dyes and no colorants.

Handmade Natural Soap Index



The Sandy Hook Soap Factory produces over 40 varieties of handmade natural soap and we have tried on our website to offer our selections in such a way which makes for easy navigation and presentation.  You may find some same varieties under different headings. This is done for ease of acquiring appropriate description when a type overlaps categories as in "Natural Goat Milk Soap" may be found as a premium bar, an unscented bar and as a selection of natural soap which may be used on the hair.  You may navigate from the side bar or we have presented this page as a map to recap all of our soap categories and where they may be found.  Happy shopping, if you should have any questions please contact us.



An attractive grouping of various types of handmade natural soap in white, beige, cream and brown shades made by hand in small batches by Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.  Lovely natural display on a doily and green checkered tablecloth of these truly natural soaps made with no dyes, no preservatives and no chemical fragrance or parfum oils.

Premium Natural Soap Selections

Excellent quality wholesome ingredients make all the difference in the world!  Our own unique, enriching recipes for every skin type or concern.  Natural handmade soaps make lovely inexpensive gift items which travel wonderfully and also present very well as host or hostess gifts. 

Three page listing with 25 wonderful varieties to choose from in this category! 

Kitchen Hand Soap ~ Goat Milk Soaps ~ Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo Bars ~ Honey & Oatmeal Soaps ~ Lavender Bars ~ Patchouli Soap ~ Summer Soap ~ Organic Soaps ~ and so much more.


Olive Oil bottle is displayed with an olive branch and pure olive oil soap also known as pure castile soap made with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil shown with crisp white bath towels in this picture from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.

Olive Oil Castile Soaps

Our Castile Soaps are made solely from 100% pure first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We only choose to use olive oil of excellent quality as we believe that superior ingredients result in a superior bar of soap.  Pure Olive Oil Soap has many uses including the base in home made gentle laundry soap.  Reasonably priced single bars or bulk pricing on soap slabs or soap loafs.

Choose from two wonderful TRUE Castile Soap varieties: Olive Oil Only or Olive Oil Lavender.  We have also recently introduced an unscented organic olive oil soap, only three awesome ingredients!


An attractive gift item this Loofah Soap is pictured decorated with a eucalyptus sprig and dried orange segment contrasting the white luffa soap with peppermint leaf scattered throughout.  The slice of loofah sponge is visible with the Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com handmade natural soap poured in and over it.

Exfoliating Luffa (Loofah) Soaps

Our all natural luffa soaps make an excellent bathtub bar.  Found in upscale Spas, these premium soaps leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  We create rich and nourishing natural soap recipes with quality, wholesome ingredients and pour it in and over a thick slice of natural luffa sponge.  These are truly enriching quality soaps with virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic botanicals and beautiful blends of pure Essential Oils distilled from plant life.  Very popular gift item as each soap comes tastefully decorated and presented in a gift box.  A pleasure to both give and to receive!

Choose from:  Sweet Orange Refreshment Luffa Soap, Silky Moisturizing Luffa Soap, Tropical Breeze Luffa Soap, Spearmint Refreshment Luffa Soap or Natural Goat Milk Soap an unscented variety made from cold pressed organic oils.


Three handmade natural soaps are displayed wrapped in biodegradable cello and tied off at the top with a gold twist tie against a dark green checkered backdrop.  This bargain pure natural soap is a wonderful choice for a lightly scented truly natural product reasonably priced, for everyone in the family.

Family Bargain Pure Natural Soaps

Our Pure Natural Soap Line was created as an inexpensive option for families wishing to use a truly natural soaps in their homes.  A more basic, lightly scented vegan variety with the same high quality, wholesome ingredients we use in all our handmade natural soap recipes.  Reasonably priced individually with savings in multiple purchases or slabs/loaves.

Five wonderful varieties to choose from including our 100% pure Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil soaps.  For those preferring organic ingredients please see our Olive Oil Only pure castile and Unscented Basic pure natural soaps.


Adorable Baby peeking out from under a green towel with a baby blue background in this natural baby soap photo from Sandy Hook Soap Factory; organic baby soaps.

Baby Soap and Children Selections

Our all natural Baby and Children soaps are suggested  for those wee ones 5 years of age and under as well as  those looking for a more basic natural product for sensitive skin issues.  It is recommended in many sources that for babies and children unscented or lightly scented products made with carefully selected essential oils are a must. 

We offer inexpensive Baby and Children Soap selections made by hand in small batches with carefully chosen premium wholesome ingredients.  If ingredients are a concern to you then you've come to the right place!

Truly natural soap as well as soaps made from cold pressed emollient-rich organic oils.  Excellent pricing with convenient sizing, bulk pricing and loyalty discounts.


An earthy natural display of three unscented natural soap bars with shells, a green face cloth and greenery in the background.  A lotus flower compliments the display in a wooden bowl .  Sandy Hook Soap Factory produces several varieties of no scent added natural soaps which feel wonderful on the skin and hair.

Unscented Natural Soap

Handmade truly natural soap with wonderful ingredients produced by hand in small batches without adding scenting material of any kind.  It should be noted that as this is a truly natural product there will be naturally occurring odours present from the wholesome ingredients.  Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, fair trade and organic cocoa butter will all contribute some natural scent.  No essential oils or herbs have been used in the making of these selections.

We offer five varieties of handmade truly natural unscented soap including a Head-To-Toe Bar with organic recipe versions as well.  


A selection of four varieties of pure natural soap is presented in a gold dot cello bag in this handmade gift from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.  The four bar variety pack has different natural colours, textures and paper wrappers and make a great inexpensive gift item or for a sampler pack for you as well.

Natural Soap Sampler Packs

We have a lot of soap to choose from and if you have never tried our products we appreciate that it can be an overwhelming task to choose from all of the varieties.  We have created Natural Soap Sampler Packs to address this very problem which can also be sent to you at a reduced mailing rate.  Make wonderful useful gifts as well.

Excellent selection of our all natural soap with combination themes for skin types, sensitivity concerns and scent preferences.


Gift of Hope Soap is displayed on a natural cedar plank soap dish with an inspire wooden token affixed.  A charitable incentive from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory helping drill wells in impoverished communities throughout the world.

Gift of Hope Soap

$1.50 from the sale of this bar is directed to Plan Canada to aid in the drilling of wells in impoverished communities throughout the world.  We currently have a matching sponsor contributing 3 to 1! 

A nourishing, gentle natural soap lightly scented with essential oil of Bulgarian Lavender and Roman Chamomile.  A nice and bubbly durable family bar, excellent choice for any member of the family including those with most sensitive skin.  Ethical ingredients.  Nice as a hair bar too!

Absolute hit with the eco-ethical conscience crowd for a truly thoughtful gift of impact packaged in a fully compostable or recyclable manner.


An artists depiction of a silouette of a woman with long flowing hair in browns and beiges in this clip art for all Natural Shampoo from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.

All Natural Shampoo Bars Index

Our all natural conditioning Shampoo Bars were created for those trying to avoid the ever growing list of chemicals on their shampoo and conditioner bottles.  Our alternative is a shampoo bar made from wholesome ingredients you can pronounce containing nourishing, natural hair conditioning oils.  You will find your hair to be soft and manageable with less need to wash in between shampoos. 

One-step long lasting conditioning shampoo bars fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly with several varieties to choose from for every hair type; carefully handmade in Canada from premium emollient-rich oils scented solely from pure essential oils distilled from plant life.

Conditioning Shampoo Bars, Handmade Natural Soap suggestions which may also be used on your hair and our Dirty Dog Natural Shampoo Bar which may be used by people as well as your best friend.


Guest sized soap gift favours are displayed of assorted handmade natural soaps with various pretty presentations from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.  Natural soaps in compostable packaging, colourful organza bags with satin ribbons, organic lavender sachets.  All obviously carefully hand made with care and attention to detail, great inexpensive attractive items for bulk wedding favour ideas in Canada as well as bridal shower gifts, wedding party favours, baby shower favors, bridal shower favours perfect for your outdoor natural wedding theme.

Natural Soap Favours + Tea Favours

Over the years we have had the pleasure of being the gift of choice for many for their important event, family or social gathering.  Handmade natural soap made in Canada is a lovely, useful gift for your guests and leaves a lasting impression.  Our reasonably priced gift favours start at $1.50 and thank you card personalization is also available.

A pleasure to both give and to receive.  Wonderful for both bridal shower gifts and bridal shower favours as well as natural wedding favours, baby shower favors, wedding day gift favors, party favours, small thank you gifts for various gatherings or business client gifts.  We also make personalized Wedding Day gift favours, perfect for a themed rustic or natural wedding.  Check out our organic tea favours and lavender sachet favours for a quality organic gift!

Five cents of every dollar you spend at the Sandy Hook Soap Factory is automatically directed to Plan Canada to aid in the drilling of wells in impoverished communities throughout the World.

Exceptional quality handmade soap favours and organic tea favours.   Inexpensive gift ideas for: shower favours, special event gift or promotional gift.