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Pure Olive Oil soaps create a very fine lather, lotiony and creamy.  Quality castile bar soap makes a very nice one-step shampoo bar, especially for those with fine and delicate hair as it leaves it smooth and silky.  Also makes a nice delicate hand wash for fine woolens.  Our most basic soap. 


A smooth white bar of pure Olive Oil Soap is displayed with a black olive, a rosemary sprig and an organic lavender flower, an exceptional quality pure castile soap made from pure extra virgin olive oil.  The natural presentation is attractive and earthy, like the all natural soap made in Canada by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory.



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True to name and definition pure Olive Oil soap or Castile Bar Soap has been made in the same manner since the 15th century with a full olive oil base and little else.  It is one of the most basic soaps available with our unscented variety containing only three ingredients.  We choose to make our olive oil soap from only premium quality 100% pure first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the same quality most would use on their salad.  In our opinion the quality of the soap and the way it feels on the skin are very much effected by the integrity of the ingredients.

Our first cold pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap is an excellent choice for those trying to avoid ingredients of concern in their personal care products.  Carefully handmade in Canada in small batches.  Some come to find us by reference when they come to experience skin reactions and their care products become suspect.  Determining the cause of a skin reaction can be a daunting task and the use of a very basic exceptional quality soap with few ingredients may help pinpoint aggravants to conditions.

Many Professionals will advise a more basic and pure cleansing product if you are experiencing sensitivity issues.  We have heard many a client say "I have been told to use a basic soap".  We have had many clients with skin issues report successful use of our pure olive oil bars.  Keeping with a quality product, all of our soaps are made with premium food quality sodium hydroxide of exceptional purity at about four times the price of technical grade widely used in soap making.  We package in compostable wood cello from sustainable sources with kraft twist ties, jute and wood.



Three large white bars of 100% pure olive oil soap are displayed in front of a three liter can of excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.  The pure castile soap bars are white and creamy and Manitoba made by a local soap artisan creating them by hand in small batches with no dyes, no preservatives and no chemical scents.

What kind of olive oil is in your Castile Soap?


Things you should know when you are shopping for a pure olive oil or true castile soap.

1.  Is the soap truly "Castile"?  True Castile Soap is made from 100% pure olive oil, not vegetable oil blends which have become mainstream as of late.  Many soap makers, even organic ones have come to refer to vegetable oil blends as "castile" which is not true by definition.  Be diligent, keep informed, read ingredient lists even if you need a magnifying glass!

2.  Is the soap made from "quality" Olive Oil?  Research the variety of olive oil used in the making of the soap.  Most are made from less expensive solvent extracted oil varieties like inferior "Olive Pomace".

3.  Is the soap truly "unscented"?  Many “unscented soaps” are not unscented at all and still contain a small amount of parfum or fragrance oil.  Read labels, ask questions.  Our pure Olive Oil soap smells like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% of the oil in the recipe.


Pure olive oil soap has a different feel than other soaps.  It has a very fine lather with a creamy texture on the skin, similar to a lotion and therefore can be used for several purposes.  If you wish to generate more lather from this bar we suggest purchasing an inexpensive body buffer puff which we offer below.

Olive Oil soap may be used as a baby soap, for sensitive or easily irritated skin and for those with limiting sensitivities.  It makes a very nice one-step shampoo and conditioning bar especially for those with fine hair.  Lathers very well on the hair leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.  Pure olive oil soap also makes a gentle wash for fine woolens as well as being a key ingredient in the making of all natural homemade laundry soaps when in grated form.

We very reasonably price our Olive Oil bars for family use offering bargain priced slabs with a minimum of 8 full bars in each slab.  Additionally our loyalty discount kicks in with a $50. purchase offering 15% to 20% dependant upon purchase amount.

If you are ordering up to 4 slabs we are able to ship at a discounted cost of $17.99 including GST in a Canada Post flat rate box to most locations in Canada.  Please contact us for details.


  Olive Oil Only
Pure Natural Soap

The most basic soap we make.  Only 3 ingredients.  100% Castile Soap.  Smells like extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients:  100% Pure first cold pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, premium  food quality Sodium Hydroxide.
Full bar 88g:  $4.50
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Half bar 44g:    $2.45  Add to Cart
Guest bar 22g:  $1.45  Add to Cart 
8 Bar Olive Oil Soap Slab Loaf minimum 710g: $30.00  Add to Cart
 Please cut my slabs into eight bars:

 A close up photo of an olive tree with ripe green olives against the bright blue clear sky.  These ripe olives are cold pressed to make extra virgin olive oil the main ingredient in our Olive Oil Castile soaps.

 A bar of Olive Oil Only Pure Castile Soap is pictured on a lace tablecloth, handmade true Olive Oil Soap bar made in Canada.

Sandy Hook Soap Factory presents their eight bar olive oil soap slabs in this photo with a single wrapped natural soap bar piled on top.  The soap loaves are cream and oatmeal coloured made from excellent food quality ingredients and scented with pure Essential Oils only.  The home made soap slabs are sitting on a large green checkered tablecloth offering soap discount options for families when buying pure castile soap in bulk.

We can ship up to 4 slabs for
only $17.99!
 Olive Oil Lavender Pure Natural Soap
Pure castile soap lightly scented with essential oil of Bulgarian Lavender.
Ingredients:  100% Pure first cold pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, food quality Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil of Bulgarian Lavender.
Full bar 88g:  $5.00  Add to Cart   
Half bar 44g     $2.65 Add to Cart
Guest bar 22g   $1.50  Add to Cart
8 Bar Slab Castile Bulk Soap minimum 710g:  $33.50 
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Please cut my slabs into eight bars:  
NEW! Olive Oil Only
Pure Natural Soap  Organic Oil Recipe

For those preferring an organic soap we are very pleased to introduce an emollient-rich organic version of our Olive Oil Only pure Castile Soap.  

Usages for Castile Soaps are detailed above. 
Ingredients: certified organic first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, premium food quality Sodium Hydroxide
Full Bar 85g:  $5.75     

Eight Bars x 85g:  $40.00 (cut + packaged together)   

The Loads of
Lather Puff
From Urban Spa.  Great for those wishing to generate more lather from their soap.  Use a puff and cut your soap use by about 25%!  This textured puff will leave you feeling soft & silky.  Very helpful for producing more bubbles with finer lathering soaps like pure Olive Oil Castile soaps. 

A cream coloured Urban Spa Body Polisher Puff is pictured with a suction cup to affix to your shower between uses, buy from Sandy Hook Soap Factory in Manitoba, Canada.

Urban Spa 

Loads of Lather Puff

random colour pick beige or blue

$3.75 each

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If ingredients matter to you then you definitely have come to the right place!


Client Comments:

"I recommend your product as the best soap for sensitive skin."                                                                                                                                      Patti F ~ Okotoks Alberta

"Thanks again for making great soap for me!"                                                                                                                                                                        Melissa K ~ Oregon USA

"This is come to be the only soap I use now."     Malkit B ~ Vancouver BC

"Such a pleasure to have found such a wonderful true olive oil castile."                                                                  Danita A ~ Winnipeg Manitoba

"Okay, time for my 8 slab order.  Yeah you know which one."

                                                            Marcus V - Toronto, Ontario    

Please Note:  As our Olive Oil Soaps are naturally rich in emollients and we do not use any preservatives, dyes or colourants you may find naturally occurring yellowing in the bar or a small orange dot on the soap during times of high humidity.  This only effects the appearance of the soap and should you prefer the discolouration may be cut from the bar. 

**Soaps made from vegetable oils are very pliable and may be carefully cut into smaller pieces as they have a texture similar to that of semi-hard cheese.  If purchasing our Olive Oil soap in slab form you may wish to cut into smaller pieces upon receipt as the soap will become quite hard over time as it sits and will therefore be more difficult to cut.  Our organic olive oil soap is offered pre-cut as it tends to harden quickly and is best to cut at an earlier stage of soapmaking.

None of the products on our website are meant to be used for treatment purposes.


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