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Red teas are an economical, family friendly organic tea choice for anyone in the family including children.  Caffeine-free and delicious, a naturally sweet brew with no bitterness even with longer brewing times for iced tea.

Organic Red Tea is pictured in a white bowl on a wooden table with loose leaf certified organic red tea leaves from this inexpensive fair trade Canadian tea source in Manitoba.

Organic Red Tea - Loose Leaf                        

Dear valued customers:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be offered throughout Canada without issue.

Red Teas are a fairly new addition to the world of teas. They are grown in Africa, are caffeine-free, naturally sweet and may be enjoyed by all members of the family. The unique fermentation process of red tea produces a rich amber-red colour when brewed which has a smooth after taste and lacks the astringent tannins usually found with green and black teas. A gentle and effective tea full of anti-oxidants, it has become very popular being enjoyed and embraced by millions.

Our Graduated Discount Program level begins with a $50.00 purchase and offers up to 20% off of our already low pricing.  You save big by skipping the middleman markup and purchasing directly from the importer.

All varieties offered on this page we have imported and re-packaged in Canada and obtained solely from our supplier the Mountain Rose Herbs Company.  Mountain Rose is a superior zero-waste company which is certified organic through OTCO and the USDA and selections featured here were certified Earth Kosher with several certifed Fair Trade through the "Fair for Life" fair trade program.  We are not a certified organic facility.  We treat all product with great care and respect packaging in compostable sustainable wood cello bags and eco-kraft paper bags vegetable-poly lined which are both biodegradable.  Five cents of every dollar of sales dedicated to Clean Water Initiative Programs drilling wells in impoverished communities throughout the world.

ALL botanical product offered on this website is fully organic, sulphite-free with no gluten fillers, no irradiation and no sanitary gasses.

Red Teas are caffeine-free.


These are the only red teas that are available at this time:  

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Organic

ORGANIC VANILLA ROOIBOS TEA: pictured loose leaf in a white porcelain bowl a wholesale bulk organic tea selection from Manitoba Canada.

New Blend from Mountain Rose Herbs: Organic
Red Rooibos tea, elder flowers & organic
French vanilla flavouring.

Mountain Rose Herbs Blend: Rich, smooth and delightful, suitable for all ages. This lusciously flavored tea contains all of the benefits of regular Rooibos Tea but with the rich and delightful additions of organic vanilla.


45g  $ 8.14    

Chi Chai Red Tea Blend Organic

ORGANIC CHAI TEA:  A close up picture of Chi Chai loose leaf organic tea with cinnamon chips, caradamom pods, cloves and orange pieces another quality blend made in Manitoba Canada from some of the best wholesome imported organic ingredients available.

All organic ingredients: Red Rooibos Tea,
cinnamon chips, elder flowers, orange peel,
ginger root, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and
French Vanilla flavouring.

Our Own Custom Blend:  A smoother brew than traditional Chai completely caffeine-free for enjoyment at any time of the day. A bright and delightful blend delicious as is or with a touch of honey.  Flavourful natural treat.

 90g  $14.00      
   45g  $ 7.30      
   25g  $ 4.25       

ORGANIC FAIR TRADE TEAS CANADA:  A white teapot with branches and bright orange flowers is pictured by this superior Canadian Supplier offering discount bulk organic teas herbs and spices in Canada.


   ORGANIC YERBA MATE FAIR TRADE:  is pictured in this photo of a clay bowl with loose leaf Yerba Mate tea and a decorated traditional cup a wonderful fair trade certified organic Yerba Mate from Mountain Rose Herbs available in Canada.

Organic Yerba Mate - Loose Leaf


Yerba Mate Organic and Fair Trade

ORGANIC YERBA MATE TEA:  is displayed as loose leaf tea in a white bowl against white background, a certified fair trade organic product of Mountain Rose Herbs available in Canada.

Origin: Brazil  A truly delectable South American classic harvested at its peak to produce a bold flavour with a smooth and distinct colour.  Mildly stimulating beverage, light caffeine.

90g  $ 9.15    
45g  $ 4.87    
25g  $ 3.04   


At Organic Teas Canada dot com we are pleased to offer some of the best prices available anywhere for superior quality organic botanicals with convenient packaging sizes.  Your buying directly from the importer helps you to save big when shopping with us for bulk organic teas and fragrant herbs.  We also offer bargain pricing on over 40 wonderful organic spices with fair traded options for your culinary creations! Loyalty discounts kick in automatically with a $50. purchase 15% - 20% depending upon amount exclusive of taxes and shipping.


Organic Black Tea Happy Shipping Program pictures a smiling boy hugging an envelope offering discount mailing and reduced shipping costs.

We do our best to save you shipping dollars wherever possible. Should you place an order and due to the nature of the product ordered be able to ship in a less expensive mode we will do so.  Many times we have been able to send spices by way of Canada Post large envelope mail at less than half the cost of the smallest parcel!  We especially like to use their flat rate shipping boxes whenever possible and happily refund you the postal savings if we are able to do so.

As Canada Post flat rate shipping boxes and large envelope mail have size limitations we access each order and will use when to your benefit.



For Manitoba customers:  We are working to combine our two websites and in the interim for more organic tea selections, organic herbs and for over 40 organic spices with more packaging options please go to our We will combine your Carts if it doesn't do so automatically and refund any excess postage to your method of payment.