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 We offer over 40 varieties of the world's best quality culinary spices. 

Add new depth, flavour, aroma and interest to your recipes.  Non-irradiated, sulphite-free with no glutinous fillers.

A bright and beautiful display of organic fresh spices offered by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory in Manitoba.  Cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper and cumin seed are pictured in glass bowls with cardamom pods and chillies.  Mountain Rose Herbs quality spices available in Canada.

Organic Spices                                                          

Dear valued customers:  Effective immediately due to the small size of our family business and the associated costs of operating nationwide, we will only be offering our botanical products within Manitoba.  We thank you for your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.

Our Sandy Hook Soap Factory personal care products will continue to be offered throughout Canada without issue.


It's thyme (pun intended) to go through all of those old spices in the back of the cupboard.  At these great prices you can definitely afford to.  Please save your old bottles, we believe in minimal packaging and reusing containers as well as keeping costs low.  In many cases packaging doubles and even triples prices when it comes to spices.  We package in 100% compostable sustainably sourced cello bags and now also offer fully compostable resealable eco-kraft bags vegetable poly lined.  We always strive to be more gentle with the environment.

Our pricing is good when compared to conventionally produced spices and excellent when compared to many organic counterparts.

We only offer spices from the superior organic supplier Mountain Rose Herbs.  We are not a certified organic facility but treat all product with great care and respect packaging in sustainable options.  At times of unavailability we will source popular botanicals through other reputable Suppliers but will make note with product should this become necessary.

Our graduated discount program offers generous 15%-20% discounts.

We have chosen our most popular sizing for this listing but for other size options please visit our where you can continue shopping should you wish.   Should you end up with two Shopping Carts and two shipping charges we will make adjustments at this end and provide refund.  Thank you.


         Spice                                 Description                                                    Price

Allspice Powder, Organic   45g
Allspice is sweet, spicy, piquant. A celebrated ingredient in Caribbean cuisine. Pimenta dioica

Allspice Whole, Organic   45g


Allspice is a traditional aromatic spice used in baking.  Adds depth to stews, curries and soups.

Basil Leaf 
Organic   22g

Popular culinary herb found in cuisines all over the world.  Used in sauces for a unique taste, also popular in tomato & Mediterranean dishes.



Bay Leaf Whole Organic   11g
Enhances the taste of any soup, stew or sauce. Use crumbled or whole, may be consumed as a tea. Laurus nobilis.

Black Pepper Ground Organic and Fair Trade  45g
Excellent quality fair traded grind.  A table staple, peppercorns have been cultivated for thousands of years in the southwest Malabar coast of India.

Black Pepper Whole Organic and Fair Trade   45g
Fair trade whole black pepper.  Fragrant & flavourful. Black pepper is always at it's best when freshly ground at time of usage or at the table.

Cardamom Pods Whole Organic 22g

One of the world's most expensive spices, called "Queen of Spices" in India. Best quality retained when seeds remain in pods until needed & ground.
Cardamom pods are in short supply due to climate change issue for growers
Cayenne Powder Organic 45g
Capsicum annuum 35,000 H.U.  Long been used in many of the world's cuisines. When seasoning soups or sauces a little goes a very long way!
Chili Red Pepper Flakes Organic 45g

Used as a convenient way to add heat to foods like pizza, pasta or salad. Nice in a shaker at the table. Chilies are common to most cuisines

Chili Flakes Smoked Organic 45g
H.U. 25000-40000 For a different taste, smoked chili flakes add heat and an enticingly smooth smoke flavour to fine food dishes.
Chipotle Powder Organic 22g Chipotle powder adds fire and smoke to Mexican cooking but is an interesting addition to many dishes. Jalapenos smoked over a wood fire and ground.
Cilantro Leaf Organic 22g May be used to make tea but most popular use is in cooking. Alsolute must in salsa. Also known as Chinese Parsley. Coriandrum sativum
Cinnamon Cassia Chips Organic + Fair Trade 22g
Cassia bark chips contain 3% Oil. One of the world's most beloved flavourings for everything from tea to toothpicks to tootpaste.  Now fair traded!
Cinnamon Cassia Powder Organic + Fair Trade 45g
Popular in baking and hot beverages. Made from ground cassia bark of 3% oil.  Fragrant and flavourful adds a new depth to your baking.  Now fair traded.
Cinnamon True Sweet Chips Organic and Fair Trade 22g Origin: Madagascar   Naturally sweeter than Cassia. Grinds nicely for powder, 1.25% oil.  Makes a nice addition to tea.  Naturally lower in coumarin also known as "Ceylon cinnamon". Fair for Life Fair Trade.
Cinnamon True Sweet Powder Organic and Fair Trade 45g
Sweet Cinnamon is also known as True Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon. Used widely for flavouring as well as traditional medicinal purposes, lower in coumarin than Cassia variety.  Fair for Life Fair Trade.
Clove Powder Organic and Fair Trade 22g Ground dried flower buds of the syzygium aromaticum. One of the first globally traded spices in 1721 BC.  Popular spice in baked goods.  Fair for Life Fair Trade.
Cloves Whole Organic and Fair Trade 45g Spicy and aromatic popular in baked goods, chai and mulling spices.  Also an absolute must in some pickling recipes.
Coriander Seed Organic  45g
Seed of the cilantro plant. Used in candy, baked goods, gelatin and beverage flavouring.
Cumin Seed Powder Organic  45g
A very distinctive spice which makes a strong presence. Pungent, sharp, slightly sweet.
Cumin Seed Whole Organic  45g An essential ingredient in Indian and Mexican cuisines. Use in cooking whole, ground, fresh or toasted.
Curry Powder Blend Organic  45g
Most prominent of the exotic spices. Colourful, fragrant and incredibly rich. Use this organic blend with rice, tofu, meats & grains. We love it in soups!
Dill Seed Organic 45g Added to cooking and very popular in many pickling recipes.  Excellent in soup and compliments flavour in cabbage dishes.
Dill Weed Organic 22g
Fragrant and flavourful. Delicious added to soups, especially borscht and a nice accent to cabbage dishes.
Fennel Seed Whole Organic  22g Used in cooking, whole or ground as an excellent spice. Also used for herbal teas. Sweet and aromatic with a licorice-like taste and smell. 
Garlic Granules Organic  45g Fragrant & enticing, granules are a handy way to add a kick to soups, sauces, dips & snacks. 
Garlic Powder Organic  45g
Used as a culinary ingredient for over 5000 years. Handy to have in this form in the cupboard for cooking. Garlic is tasty, odiferous, medicinal.
Ginger Root Pieces Organic  22g Billions of people use ginger root daily as both a food and a medicine. Used in cooking and as a tea in moderation.
Ginger Root Powder Organic  45g
One of the most widely used herbs on the planet. Used in teas, in herbal formulations and of course cooking.
Marjoram Leaf Organic  22g
Origanum Marjorana. Culinary herb of the mint family. Good in chicken soup, egg dishes, with mushrooms & tomato pasta sauces.

Mulling Spices Organic 40g Our "Best Ever" Mulling Spices are a welcome addition to a crisp cool day or for the festive season.  When brewing makes your home smell wonderful!  This size will mull 10 cups of wine, tea, cider or fruit juice.  Awesome all organic ingredients: crushed whole nutmeg, crushed whole cardamom pods, fair traded true (sweet) cinnamon chips, orange peel, lemon peel, ginger root, whole cloves, whole allspice, and star anise pods
Mustard Seed Yellow Whole Organic  45g
Origin: Canada     Mustard is a common flavouring in food and a popular pickling spice. Also ground finely and mixed with liquids.  
Nutmeg Powder Organic and Fair Trade  22g

For baking, pumpkin pie, squash soups, etc.  Always buy nutmeg powder from a reliable source guaranteeing that the powder is not BWP grade made from broken-wormy-punky nuts.


Onion Granules Organic  45g Handy in this form for addition to soups, sauces and stews when running a bit low of fresh. Very fragrant, very tasty, holds well in the cupboard.
Onion Powder Organic 45g
Onions are one of the world's favourite flavours.  Convenient for adding to soups, sauces, gravies & dips. Contains 0.5% silicon dioxide for anti-caking.
Oregano Leaf Organic  22g A staple in our spaghetti sauces, pizzas, and minestrone soup. An absolute must for Italian recipes!
Paprika Powder Organic  45g
Paprika is a chili pepper, one of the mildest varieties known. Popular usage in casseroles, soups, as a garnish on egg or potato dishes, etc.
Paprika Powder Smoked Organic 22g
Smoked Paprika is a mild chili pepper adding a smooth smoked flavour to fine food dishes.

Parsley Leaf  Organic 22g

Can be added to most any food except sweets. Lightens the taste of garlic & the odour of fish. Bulky economical leaf.
Pepper Black Ground and Black Whole - See BLACK Pepper
Pepper Red Hot Chili Flakes and Smoked Hot Chili Flakes - See CHILI listings
Pat's Pickling Spice Organic  45g Traditional-style pickling spice, absolute necessity around here for our dill pickles & pickled beet recipes. I am always told that I make the best pickles and this is my secret :). Ingredients: organic yellow mustard seed, organic coriander seed, organic bay leaves, organic dill seed, organic fenugreek seed, organic cinnamon chips, organic ginger root, organic whole allspice, organic red chili pepper flakes, organic whole black pepper, organic fennel seed, organic whole cloves.
Rosemary Leaf Organic 45g A popular culinary spice for centuries especially to flavour meats, including lamb.
Sage Leaf Organic 22g Popular spice often used with meats, soups, salads and our all time favourite poultry stuffing.   Also used as tea.
Smoked Paprika See PAPRIKA Powder Smoked
Summer Savory Organic 22g Summer Savory is a renowned culinary herb. Compliments: stew, beef or chicken soup, rutabaga, cabbage, egg dishes, fish & game. Not as overpowering as the winter variety.  
Thyme Leaf Organic 22g
Especially common in Mediterranean and French cuisine. Long been a favourite of cooks for seasoning meats, soups and stews.
Turmeric Root Powder Organic 45g
Curcuma longa. We use turmeric in our pickling recipes, stir frys and vegan "chicken soup".  Adds a beautiful natural yellow to the broth.
For Manitoba customers only - optional packaging sizes for above please see our Spice Listings.


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