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Our all natural shampoo is a great alternative to commercial varieties which line the store shelves for those of us attempting to avoid chemical ingredients.  Many with scalp irritation issues encountered with the use of conventional products appreciate the wholesome ingredients which we offer.  Handmade, one-step conditioning Shampoo Bars long lasting and reasonably priced!
An artistic clip art in browns, beige and black of a silhouette of a woman with flowing brunette hair in this page dedicated to all natural shampoo, natural shampoo bars and natural soap for the hair made by hand in Canada by this quality Canadian soap maker with excellent wholesome ingredients.

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If you have been searching for a truly natural shampoo we have several selections which should be of interest.  Our ingredients are exceptional choosing quality nourishing oils and scenting solely with pure Essential Oils derived from plant life.  No dyes, no preservatives, no chemical scents (known on labels as "fragrance" or "parfum") and no petroleum ingredients or petrochemicals.

If you are accustomed to petroleum based shampoos you will find that your hair feels different.  You should also discover that you will need to shampoo less often with your hair looking healthier between washings!  Those using a good deal of styling products on their hair on a regular basis may find that shampoo bars are unsuitable for their usage.


Three varieties of conditioning Natural Shampoo Bars are piled on top of each other with a dark brown background with wee chamomile flowers in beige.  The labels read Patchouli, Olive Oil Ylang Ylang and True Lavender all natural shampoo bars handmade by the Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.

Premium Conditioning Shampoo Bars

Compare the ingredients on the product you are using now to the wholesome nourishing ingredients we include in our recipes for our all natural premium conditioning Shampoo Bars. Come on, we dare you!  We use enriching amounts of natural oils rich in emollients:  first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified organic Virgin Coconut Oil, organic & fair trade certified Cocoa Butter, organic Castor Oil, golden Jojoba and cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil. 

Exceptional ingredients make an exceptional shampoo bar.  May be used for hair, body and face.


Three hand made soaps are displayed in an attractive natural setting with a vibrant green face cloth, shells and a wooden bowl with lotus flower.  The pure, natural cream and beige colours are naturally beautiful and these handmade truly natural soaps make an inexpensive, natural shampoo as well.

Natural Soap and Hair Bars

We have come to be informed by repeat clients of the success they have had using selections from both our Premium Natural Soap Collection as well as our Pure Natural Soap Collection as shampoo bars.  We very much appreciate their success stories and have compiled a list of those bars reported to be exceptionally nice on the hair.  They have found that both the scalp and hair responded well to the nourishing, natural ingredients and needed to be washed less often than when using commercial shampoos.  

Pure natural soap selections to try on your hair.


A beautiful dachshund-corgi dog is contentedly curled up on a comforter with his head resting on stuffed monkey toy.  The coat is shiny and healthy and soft in this Dirty Dog Shampoo picture from Sandy Hook Soap Factory dot com.

Dirty Dog Natural Shampoo Bar

When we started making shampoo bars a natural progression was to create one for our best friend pictured here who tended to get a little stinky out romping about our acreage.  The solution was a gentle, nourishing bar with essential oils more friendly to a dog's nose but with a bit of lasting power for a fresher coat.  The recipe also includes very nourishing oils for a shiny and soft coat.  Used as a hair bar by many happy humans as well.

Our products are only tested on well adjusted, cooperative human beings.


Hand made with care in Canada artwork in brown with stars presenting all natural soap.

Natural Product artwork in bright green and crisp white from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory all natural soaps.

No animal testing logo with black and white circles and bunny ears from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory truly natural products.