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We have sourced some nice and natural reasonably priced bath accessories to compliment our handmade natural soap, to create more lather and to gently exfoliate your skin too!  These inexpensive accessories make a nice addition to any bath or shower and the world's kindest nail brush is one of the greatest little tools for the kitchen!




Three natural loofah sponge slices are displayed with starfish on a green face cloth.  The sponge slices have little ribbons attached with suction cups a Sandy Hook Soap Factory product from Manitoba, Canada.



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The following inexpensive products are a nice compliment to our natural soap products as well as making nice additions to our custom made gift sets. If you are building your own gift collections and looking for the perfect addition please consider some products from our excellent selection of truly natural soaps, conditioning shampoo bars, creamy milk baths, soothing bath salts and all natural beeswax and cocoa butter lip balms.


A creamy coloured ruffly Urban Spa body polisher puff is pictured on a white background.  A suction cup is affixed to hang to dry between uses which you may buy from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory in Manitoba, Canada.

The Loads of Lather Puff from Urban Spa.  Great for those wishing to generate more lather from their soap.  Use a puff and cut your soap use by about 25%!  This textured puff will leave you feeling soft & silky.  Nice to add to the shower and bath for emollient rich soaps which tend 

to be more moisturizing and a little less bubbly.

Urban Spa

Loads of Lather Puff random colour pick of beige or blue $3.75 .

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An all natural creamy-white loofah sponge is displayed against a white background.  A ribbon and suction cup are attached, another great product from Sandy Hook Soap Factory all natural handmade soap.

A natural Loofah Sponge from Urban Spa.  Gently exfoliates the skin when wet, drying hanger included.  All natural product, a dried gourd.

Urban Spa Loofah Sponge $4.95

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Three natural loofah sponge slices are displayed with starfish on a green facecloth.  Each sponge has a suction cup and ribbon attached offered by this Canadian soap maker with a very reasonable low flat rate shipping price. We have cut a handy size slice of natural loofah sponge to use especially for your feet.  Leaves feet smooth and feeling spa fresh!  Comes with suction cup for hanging to dry in the shower between uses. .

Mini Loofah Sponge for Feet $2.50


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Two natural cedar plank soap dishes are displayed piled on top of each other on a bamboo mat a great compliment to an all natural home made soap from this Canadian artisan soap maker. Natural Cedar Plank Soap Dish
This inexpensive natural cedar plank makes a nice soap dish and is a wonderful compliment to any of our natural soaps, in particular Sweet Orange & Cedar wood.


Cedar Plank Soap Dish



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A peach coloured terry towel bath mitt is displayed on an adult hand.  The texture is soft and makes a great compliment to an all natural handmade soap, Manitoba made with very reasonable prices. Our own Terry Bath Mitt is a  convenient mitt for use in both the bath or shower.  Colour may be peach, green or lavender.  Great for bathing children, don’t lose the soap ever again!


Terry Bath Mitt Adult



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Hands are shown washing potatoes and carrots with a very soft and pliable white plastic brush called the World's Kindest Nail Brush and World's gentlest vegetable washing brush a very handy kitchen tool available at the Sandy Hook Soap Factory.

Photos courtesy of
Lee Valley Tools
This is one very handy little brush!  Winkles the dirt out from under nails gently and effectively as well as being a truly excellent vegetable brush especially for new potatoes, pickling cukes and carrots.  Wonderful wee brush, get a couple, you won’t be sorry.

Hands are pictured with a small white brush.  The right hand is gently cleaning the nails of the left hand with the Worlds Kindest Nail Brush a long lasting, inexpensive accessory from the Sandy Hook Soap Factory in Manitoba, Canada.

World's Kindest Nail Brush



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