Sandy Hook Soap Factory

.The Sandy Hook Soap Factory produces over 35 varieties of handmade natural soap for every member of the family including the most sensitive. 

Made in Manitoba, Canada pure natural soap for the body, face, hair and even the family pet.  We use no dyes, no preservatives, no chemical fragrances and scent solely with pure essential oils distilled from plant life.

Two all natural soap bars with no dyes, no preservatives and no chemicals are displayed in a wicker basket with an olive branch and a natural loofah sponge in this photo from Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada.


Soap Suggestions Page


As we make many varieties of soap for various skin types and issues we thought that a suggestion page may be a helpful guide.

All of our soaps are pure vegetable oil and free from dyes, preservatives and chemical scents.  None contain parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrochemicals or EDTA.  Our handmade truly natural soaps are available in unscented bars, lightly scented bars and fully fragrant bars with natural scents solely provided by carefully selected pure Essential Oils distilled from plant life.

None of these bars are meant for the treatment of any skin condition.  When we recommend a variety it is because several clients have reported favourable use over other cleansing products.



Suggestions for a good Family Bar
As our soap is naturally very bubbly and long lasting we have many suggestions for good all around family bath and shower bars.  Our Pure Natural Soap line is dedicated to a more basic family soap, lightly scented and priced to make you smile!  For children under the age of 5 please see Section "Suggestions for Baby and Children".

Our best suggestions for general family soaps are more lightly scented, long lasting and gentle:    Light Tropical Breeze, Gentle Chamomile, Soothing Oatmeal, Truly Lavender, Gift of Hope Soap, Natural Goat Milk Soap (unscented), Unscented Basic Pure Natural Soap, Oatmeal Pure Natural Soap, Hint of Lime Pure Natural Soap, Olive Oil Lavender Castile Soap (also from the Pure Natural Soap line).

Suggestions for Baby and Children

Young children under the age of 5 should use a more basic soap with less scent with only particular Essential Oils like Lavender or Chamomile.  We have several varieties suitable for them and suggest that with all soap it should be taught to be used in small amounts and not lathered head-to-toe as in some popular soap commercials.  This is excessive and

absolutely not necessary!

Please view our Baby Soap and Children page which is located here for specific recommendations for use on baby and younger children.  More details on our natural soap designed for more delicate skin, for age specific suggestions as well as very detailed ingredient listings.  When it comes to products especially for children, be diligent, investigate ingredients. 

Suggestions for Normal Skin

Those with normal skin have a truly wonderful selection of product to choose from … almost anything on the listings.

If you find yourself in the 39+ age group you may wish to make your selections from bars noted to be more moisturizing.  As the skin ages, more nourishing oils are beneficial to the skin.  We have several varieties for dry, very dry and mature skin as well.

Suggestions for Dry Skin

Those with chronically dry skin need to pay particular attention to their cleansing products to try to avoid further drying.  We have a great selection to choose from with the following noted having very positive response from clients.  You may also wish to try our True Lavender Milk Bath as it is very nice for dry or sensitive skin.

Rejuvenating Formula39 Soap, Goat’s Milk with Honey & Oatmeal Soap, Soothing Oatmeal Soap, True Lavender Conditioning Shampoo Bar, Goat’s Milk & Almond Butter Soap, Natural Goat Milk Soap, Gift of Hope Soap, Indulging Geranium Soap (good for combination skin), Lavender Refreshment Soap, Head-To-Toe Bars are nice for dry skin as well as our Silky Moisturizing Luffa Soap (due to exfoliation not for thin or delicate skin types).

Suggestions for skin with Oily tendencies or Acne-prone

Many times, those with oily tendencies tend to respond well to more natural products and we have a great selection to browse.  These varieties have been reported to be of benefit by those using our products as their cleansing choice.  Leaves the skin feeling fresh and wonderful.

Lavender Refreshment Soap (tea tree), Sweet Orange Refreshment Soap (tea tree), Purely Patchouli Soap, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood Soap, Goat’s Milk with Honey & Oatmeal Soap, Botanical Blend Soap, Indulging Geranium Soap, (good for combination skin), Lime in the Coconut Soap, Soothing Oatmeal Soap, Spearmint Luffa Soap, Sweet Orange Luffa Soap, also have had much good feedback regarding using Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo bars.

Suggestions for Face Soaps

Many of our soaps make excellent, gentle face soaps and your selection will be dependant upon other factors such as sensitivity, dry skin, oily skin, etc.
Though most of our soaps are very nice on the face if we were forced to pick some of our favourites they would be as follows:

Goat’s Milk with Honey and Oatmeal Soap, Soothing Oatmeal Soap, True Lavender Conditioning Shampoo Bar, Any of the Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo Bars, Rejuvenating Formula Soap, Truly Lavender Soap, Light Tropical Breeze Soap, Indulging Geranium Soap, Gift of Hope Soap Gentle Blend, Gentle Chamomile Soap, Natural Goat Milk Soap, Botanical Blend Soap, Lavender Refreshment Soap.

Suggestions for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin may mean different things to different people.  Some are just basic sensitive, dry out from regular cleansing and personal care products creating dry, itchy or inflamed skin.  Some have thin and delicate skin requiring special care.  Whilst others’ sensitivities are related to scenting materials which we discuss in further sections.

For basic sensitive skin:  Soothing Oatmeal, Truly Lavender, Gentle Chamomile, Natural Goat Milk Soap (unscented), Gift of Hope Soap, Olive Oil Only or Olive Oil Lavender, those with sensitive skin on the hands have had success with Goat’s Milk with Honey and Oatmeal.
For those with thin/delicate skin:  As above but you may wish to avoid those with oatmeal in the name as it can seem“scratchy” to hyper-sensitive.  

Suggestions for those with Eczema

We have several repeat clients living with eczema, including a family member, and they have reported favourable use of the following varieties on their skin.  Please note none of these soaps are meant to be used for treatment purposes.

Soothing Oatmeal Soap, Gift of Hope Soap, Goat’s Milk with Honey and Oatmeal, True Lavender Conditioning Shampoo Bar.

For those individuals sensitive to any type of scent:   Natural Goat Milk Soap

Suggestions for those with Rosacea

Clients with Rosacea have reported favourable use of two varieties, also excellent for sensitive skin.  Not meant for treatment purposes.

Gentle Chamomile Soap

Gift of Hope Soap:
Gentle Blend

Suggestions for Fragrance Issues

Chemical scent sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can create great health difficulties for those living with it. We are very aware as we deal with it in  our own home and is why we choose to make soap from only natural scenting material.  For those unable to use any products which are scented we have several varieties to choose from.  Please note that some do smell like the ingredients as we do not use any descenting chemicals but that will be noted if there is a stronger naturally present odour.

Natural Goat Milk Soap, Natural Goat Milk Baby Soap, Unscented Basic Pure Natural Soap, Olive Oil Only Castile Soap, Go Cocoa Butter! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo

Olive Oil Only Castile Soap: 100% of the oil in this soap is first cold pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil so that is the natural scent of the bar.

Go Cocoa Butter! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo: Contains organic cold pressed hemp oil & cocoa butter so that will be the naturally present scent.

Suggestions for those with unknown ingredient intolerance

If you are having reactions to care products as in contact dermatitis you may wish to try our most basic natural soap made with only 3 or 4 wholesome ingredients.  Olive Oil is one of the most acceptable oils for the skin with allergic reaction being considered very rare.  Coconut and palm sensitive individuals may wish to try these varieties.

Olive Oil Only Castile Soap is the most basic soap we make.  It contains only three ingredients:  excellent quality first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water and Sodium Hydroxide.
Olive Oil Lavender Castile Soap has the same above ingredients and is lightly scented with Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil at less than 1% per volume.
  Whenever introducing a new product always skin test a very small amount on the inside of the forearm to see if there is any skin reaction.

Suggestions for Vegan Selections

We have a cornucopia of varieties for those searching for Vegan selections for their family.  When shopping elsewhere for soaps be very diligent in reading ingredient lists, some bee and dairy products are being snuck into products and still being labeled “vegan”.  We will name the varieties here but you will find "vegan selection" clearly indicated as you read our detailed soap descriptions and ingredient listings.

Botanical Blend Soap, Gentle Chamomile Soap, Gift of Hope Soap, Go Cocoa Butter! or Go Fresh! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoos, Indulging Geranium Soap, Natural Soap for Baby Soothing Oatmeal, Purely Patchouli Soap, Soothing Oatmeal Soap, Summer Soap, Truly Lavender soap, Olive Oil Castile Soaps, All the Pure Natural Soap Line, Tropical Breeze Luffa Soap.

All of our Soothing Bath Salts Collection.

Suggestions for Unscented Soaps

Please note that soap may smell like ingredients.  Refer to section above titled “Suggestions for Fragrance Issues” for more information if an issue.

Natural Goat Milk Soap*, Natural Goat Milk Baby Soap, Unscented Basic Pure Natural Soap, Olive Oil Only Castile Soap*, Go Cocoa Butter! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo*(naturally present scent in Castile & Go Cocoa Butter Soaps) *very nice shampoo bars too

Suggestions for Lightly Scented Soaps

Lightly scented varieties are generally at less than 1% pure essential oils per volume to scent.   

Gentle Chamomile Soap, Soothing Oatmeal Soap, Pure Natural Soap Line, Light Tropical Breeze Soap, Natural Soap for Kids, Natural Soap for Baby Soothing Oatmeal.

Suggestions for fully Fragrant Soaps

We have several varieties to choose from for those preferring a more fragrant natural soap also made from wonderful wholesome ingredients with no chemical fragrance or parfum oils. These very fragrant offerings are all scented solely with pure essential oils distilled from plant life and are presented in wonderful and interesting fresh and fragrant blends.  Great as a bath or eye opening shower bar. Keep in mind that soaps containing Patchouli will linger with you hours after use.

Botanical Blend Soap, Go Fresh! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo, Go Herbal! Head-To-Toe Body Shampoo, Indulging Geranium Soap, Purely Patchouli Soap, Summer Soap, Truly Lavender Soap, All the Luffa Soaps, Lime in the Coconut Soap, Lavender Refreshment Soap, Sweet Orange Refreshment Soap, Sweet Orange & Cinnamon Leaf Soap, Sweet Orange & Cedarwood Soap, Rejuvenating Formula39 Soap, Goat’s Milk with Honey and Oatmeal Soap, True Lavender Conditioning Shampoo Bar & Patchouli Conditioning Shampoo Bar.